• Entrepreneur
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Senior Systems Engineer

Who am I ?

Personal Details

I'm John Siciliano and I am an Entrepreneur, a Senior Development Operations Engineer, and a Systems Engineer. I reside in the Los Angeles area. I've worked for a variety of different companies and people with full time, contractor, or part time roles.

What I'm best at

Skills & Knowledge

Linux 86%
Configuration Management 73%
Continuous Integration 79%
Virtualization and Cloud Systems 65%
Shell Scripting 70%
Python 65%
  • Chef, Ansible & Puppet
  • Jenkins & Bamboo
  • Apache, Nginx
  • Tomcat
  • Best Practices
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Troposphere, Boto
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Project Management
  • Python, BASH
  • ElasticSearch
  • Cassandra, MongoDB

My Background

Work Experience

2017June - Present

Major Broadcast Company

Senior Development Operations Engineer

Providing continuous integration and infrastructure engineering. Maintaining and building out infrastructure and handling migrations.

2017April - 2017 June

Major Cosmetics Company

Senior Development Operations Engineer / Cloud Engineer Contractor

Providing continuous integration and infrastructure engineering. Maintaining and building out infrastructure and handling migrations.

2016August - 2017March

Streaming Media Co.

Development Operations Engineer

Ensuring continuous site operations, and supporting the Java development pipeline with continuous integration with Jenkins, configuration management with Ansible. Ensuring repeatable infrastructure as code with Troposphere libraries to generate CloudFormation templates, Python & Boto libraries to interface with Amazon (S3, EC2, ELB, Auto-scaling groups, VPC). Implemented Logstash and wrote Grok patterns to parse custom log files to inject to a MySQL database (which replaced an antiquated Java routine that did the same)

2015September - 2016May

E-Commerce Company

Development Operations Engineer

Wrote infrastructure as code using TerraForm for Azure. Wrote Chef cookbooks and wrapper cookbooks to automate backups, create clusters (such as Jenkins). Wrote tools to support the business side, such as IP verification tools, Akamai cache purging. Ensured site was up and running and working with the development pipeline for larger projects.

2015Apr - 2015August

Cinema Graphics Shop

Sr Systems Engineer (Contract)

Worked closely with in-house development team. Troubleshot issues, supported the development pipeline. Maintained backups. Wrote a command line NFS management tool in BASH to handle adding/removing/maintaining NFS mounts based on variables defined in configuration management (Puppet). Wrote various puppet modules, and reworked and rewrote broken or outdated modules to fix various client machine issues. Supported a shop where all client machines and server machines hit configuration management (over 300+ machines). Set up and maintained Apache SOLR cluster, MongoDB cluster. Worked with Elastic Search and Logstash.

2014Apr - 2015March

Personal Injury Law Firm

Information Technology Director

Built multiple office locations from the ground up. Implemented site-to-site VPNs and supported the paperless firm's technology stack. Implemented internal document sharing with Alfresco, task management with Jira (as well as IT help desk), a portal with Confluence. Trained employees to use the technology stack. Supported end user machines, servers. Facilitated upgrades across the board. Fixed the legal anaylist document/OCR pipeline. Maintained relationships with vendors. Facilitated FortiGate router configurations, VoIP systems. Supported and maintained building access, internal servers. Implemented a home-grown off-site backup system. Worked successfully with contractors and vendors.

2012June - 2016Feb

ISP & Managed Services

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Built successful consulting firm from ground up. Built a semi-successful internet service provider from the ground up, as an offshoot to that. Worked with many clients, and maintained operations in Singapore and Los Angeles. Worked with clients to build and maintain office infrastructure, web hosting migrations, mitigated Denial of Service attacks, was a point of contact with the DoJ at one point. Handled finances, customer support tickets, contractor employees, and worked with vendors and built relationships with many people.


Marketing Dashboard

Social Media Start-Up

Python web application written in the Bottle framework with Bootstrap menu and Jinja2 templates to scrape PostgresSQL database tables and build an array of JSON objects to utilize marketing endpoints for customers. Allows searching/filtering by criteria using dict comprehension to send push notifications, emails, text messages to application users. Single messages, mass messages or criteria messages. Built in unsubscribe email functions and checks against text message unsubscribes,

Stack Generator

Streaming Media Co.

Object oriented overhaul and functionality additions to Python CloudFormation/Troposphere tool. Wrote all the class objects with the Troposphere library in Python to manage dynamic CloudFormation template generation to AWS. Read values from a configuration file, and eventually became a full on CLI tool.

DSCL NFS Mounting Tool

Cinema Graphics Shop

Wrote a CLI tool in BASH to handle NFS mounting and logic. Read from configuration fils and handled alien mounts, mount auditing and utilized OS X's DSCL system to maintain NFS mount configurations. Intended to be used with CM but also worked really well in creating static NFS mount environments. Due to varying mounts for different network subnets it was imperative that the NFS mounts were completed before the init level 3, and this tool was utilized by all OS X machines in the workplace after it was tested.

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